Jacques Bouchard’s Les 36 cordes sensibles des Québécois still sets the tone for advertising in Quebec.

“I had the great good fortune to land my first advertising agency job at BCP as a copywriter/translator when Jacques Bouchard was still at the helm. (I eventually became creative group head, responsible for the agency’s original English and French-to-English output.)

“Jacques Bouchard taught me how important adaptation is in creating compelling advertising and communications. The key is to always take cultural and regional differences – as well as linguistic nuances – into account and never to simply translate word for word.

“My objective in adapting French material into English is to help clients sell their products, services or ideas as effectively as possible.

“Because of my advertising background and my commitment to achieving their communications goals, it’s not at all unusual for clients to tell me that the English version is better than the French original...the ultimate compliment for any translator.” – Lawrence Creaghan